Introduction to Carlsee Press

Though some of you might know me already, let me first introduce myself: My name is Jayson Carlsee, editor of Carlsee Press. (My dad, Calton, is the founder.) A couple of years ago, I happened to meet a fellow by the name of Mr. Peter Pendleton. After a casual conversation, he asked if I would be willing to see some of his writings. I replied in the affirmative. He gave them to me; I was impressed with his writing, and asked him if I could publish it. He was oddly reluctant, and said no. I pressed him, but he was still reluctant. Finally, I made him an offer: instead of publishing his writing, I would post it in our newspaper, The Carlsee Press. He agreed, and we decided to release the newspaper on April 16, 2021; and that is what you are reading right now.

Our plan is to publish various stories/essays/writings of his once a month, splitting some into parts if they seem too long and too complicated for the reader. You may send in letters [comments] detailing your evaluation of Mr. Pendleton’s work, or simply commenting on it, and I will reply in his name if I deem it obligatory. His writing will be varied, and topics will include movies, fairy tales, literary criticism, short “sketches” of people he knows, and logic. I personally am the editor, and might occasionally make notes or comment on his writing. Please note that the opinions set out in the following publications do not necessarily represent the beliefs of Carlsee Press as a company, and might even contradict them in certain points. If you wish (because we might as well get paid for this) to support Mr. Pendleton in his endeavors, please select a payment method from the box at the bottom of the first page. Finally, it is my hope that you will enjoy the writings of Mr. Pendleton as thoroughly, perhaps even more, as I do.

~Jayson William (Jay) Carlsee, Editor.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Carlsee Press

  1. Thanks, we’re gratified you like it! We’re working on publishing something else by the end of April, so stay tuned!

    (Well, obviously I’m still trying to figure out how computers work because I meant this as a reply. Ah well.)

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