Introduction to Carlsee Press*

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our (not-so) humble newspaper! But let me first introduce myself: I am Jayson Carlsee, son of founder Calton Carlsee, and hero whose fame is spread across the Four Realms (mayhaps I should’ve written “welcome to our proud newspaper”; that might’ve been more accurate). But let me explain myself, as that is the whole purpose of this article: I had recently taken over the position of Editor from my father, who is retiring, and, seeing that blogs seem to be popular nowadays, I immediately spent months reformatting his newspaper, The Carlsee Press, into the wondrous beauty (well, anyways, I think it’s beautiful) you see before your eyes. As is proper in a blog format, I have changed the style of the newspaper from topical information (like the weather in Sakuraland) to a more journalistic, artistic endeavour publishing the writers of talented new authors and thinkers, chief among them my good friends Peter Pendleton and Thomas Andrew Bucket, who are here publishing for the first time**.

The general format is this: Once a month (providentially), we will release a new article. Comments and criticisms are welcome; and I will personally reply to any deemed fit to be published with our articles. The writing will be varied, and among the topics are essays, short biographies, literary criticism, “portraits” of various real persons, “portraits” of various unreal persons, Fairy Tales, and logic. Please note that the opinions expressed in each article are not reflective of the opinions of Carlsee Press as a whole, and should not be taken as such. If you wish (because MONEY) to support us, please select a payment method from the box on the bottom of the first page.

Here at Carlsee Press, we believe, as Tolkien wrote, that words are more potent than the strongest Fairië spell, and we hope that, in even some small way, that the delight and power of words might be extolled, however feebly, in our journal. I hope you enjoy reading these writings as much as I do; and what is there to say, except, as Mr. Shakespeare once said to his own audience, “We’ll strive to please you every day!”

*A different introduction was published on the sixteenth of April last year, but, due to various changes, it was felt necessary to revise this post. Yours Truly.
**The writers of the various articles have wished to remain anonymous; so, honoring their request, we have attached no names to them. Yours Truly.

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