Introduction to Carlsee Press

Greetings, Dear Fellows!

I am the Illimitable1 Jayson William Carlsee, the Current Editor of Carlsee Press; and it is my Esteemed Pleasure2 to welcome ye to our very own Blog! For those of ye unfamiliar with our newspaper, Carlsee Press is the Most Esteemed publishing company of Anglo-Saxony, not least because of our Mellifluous and Verbose newspaper, The Carlsee Press, which has published essays, short stories, and various other writings continuously for nearly twenty years. Upon receiving the post of Chief Editor after Calton Carlsee—my father, the Founder and Former Chief Editor—retired, it has been my Goal and Intention to rejuvenate the beloved periodical through a transferrence of Medium; namely, from a humble newspaper to a Resplendent Blog—a transferrence which would not only give The Carlsee Press a Fashionable Contemporaneity, but would also grant it an accessability hitherto unavailable to the paper variant. Despite our (myself and the Carlsee Press staff) Great Difficulties and Travails in the accomplishment of this task, we have persevered; and how well we have succeeded will be determined by ye, O Readers, who now behold the new form of Carlsee Press in all its Digitized Splendour!

We have put the blog in the same form as the periodical. The first page contains the Name and Title, a Quote of the Month, a list of our current publications, and a Polite Request for generous (or ungenerous, we’re not picky) donations. The bottom of the page contains our Archives, our Most Popular Articles, and our Blogroll—a list of Similarly Prestigious blogs that we respect or admire, sometimes simultaneously. The second page contains the library of our articles (published about once every two months), the third contains a brief description of ourselves and a picture (of myself), and the fourth page contains our contact information for gregariously helpful Readers. The most significant change is the addition of comments, with which our Readers may directly praise or critique our articles, without the use of any sort of epistolary correspondence. Myself, Jayson (J.) Carlsee, as that Indefinable Presence known as an Editor, will haunt the blog as a spirit haunts a house, and might occasionally reveal my presence in a foreword, an introduction, or witty and entirely uninstructive footnotes3 at the bottom of each article. I will also reply to comments if I feel the need, but will mostly remain an Invisible and Unintransient Being. As there seems to be nothing left to say, I say again: Welcome! We have Thoughts and Ideas and Prose like cinnamon-scented tea; and if ye stay, we will strive to make your stay worthwhile.
~Jayson (J. or Jay) William Carlsee, Chief Editor of Carlsee Press.

1It is Not a Good Sign if an Editor uses Capitalization so Injudiciously.—Yours Truly. 
2The editor’s overuse of exclamation points is also disconcerting!—Yours Truly.
3Such as this one.—Yours Truly.


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