Introduction to Carlsee Press*

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our (not-so) humble newspaper! But let me first introduce myself: I am Jayson Carlsee, son of founder Calton Carlsee, and hero whose fame is spread across the Four Realms (mayhaps I should’ve written “welcome to our proud newspaper”; that might’ve been more accurate). But let me explain myself, as thatContinue reading “Introduction to Carlsee Press*”

Portraits from Life: A–*

Note: All “Portraits from Life”, including this one, are most definitely based on real persons (mostly living); and any resemblance to any fictional characters, existing in books, movies, TV shows, poems, plays, radio stories, or elsewhere, is entirely coincidental. It is and was not the author’s intent to describe any fictional people, and should notContinue reading “Portraits from Life: A–*”

Character Sketches*

Note: the characters described below are purely fictional; that is, completely from the imagination of the author and not based on real people, either people he knows or people he does not. Any resemblance to any person, living, dead, or somewhere in-between, is probably purely accidental; though there might be a subconscious factor, we reallyContinue reading “Character Sketches*”